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Thank you for looking at my work. I make functional stoneware pottery from my home studio situated in a former corner shop, often accompanied by my dog, Finn. I love the natural light that the original windows afford and how it is effected by the changing seasons and weather. My studio is in a residential area within a lovely community and I am very lucky to be a central part of this. 

Prior to Covid I shared a studio with Anne Richards, Harbour Potter in her garden, situated by the side of the River Thames in beautiful Greenwich. Anne makes with porcelain, making decorative and functional pieces including handpainted, personalised dog bowls. There is a contrast in our work that compliments the other's, we trade together as Harbour Pots at Greenwich Market and other venues. Until recently I was still firing my work at Anne's but have now purchased my own kiln so am completely self sufficient and have been able to increase the amount of work that I produce.

My pottery is wheel thrown with stoneware clay. I use Earthstone as, when fired, the almost white colour and slight texture suit the functionality of the items I make and the methods I use. All my pieces are individual, I don't follow a specific template and prefer to use the weight of the clay as a guide rather than measurements; dimensions and shapes will differ slightly rather than conform. I like the piece used to feel just yours, an everyday item but also tactile and unique to you. I mainly use three glazes in my work, prefering to use these glazes individually or overlaying them for a more muted or dramatic effect; I use one or two additional glazes to tie in with the changing seasons. An area at the base will often be naked clay highlighting the contrast between the rough, matte clay in it's natural form and the smooth glossy finish of the item.

The work I make is predominantly for the kitchen, often the focal area in a home, preparing food for families and friends then eating and drinking indoors or out!

Spring 2024